Toilet industry gets fancy in Japan

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Technology

Japanese toilets are becoming so sophisticated and stylish that they could be called works of art. Ones of the most advanced in the world, toilets made in Japan sometimes feature so many buttons and flushes that can even confuse new visitors to Japan.

The toilets have designs ranging from traditional Japanese to modern geometric ones. These were displayed at the Tokyo Designers Week by Japan’s largest toilet maker Toto to commemorate World Toilet Day on November 19.

“Each item is one of a kind. They are creations of artists. So we are handling them with care,” said Mitsuaki Hashida, senior manager of Toto’s media division.

Modern restrooms include, aside from toilets, air showers to help remove odor from clothes and even cedar pollen to prevent allergies, according to the international press.

Some restrooms for moms with babies are equipped with beds for diaper changes, as well as equipment to heat and prepare food and milk, while others are made just for women, with comfortable sofas and dressing rooms.

“The restroom is really important for women in Japan. We would like to build our restrooms to be more comfortable, elegant and classical for those Japanese women,” said the spokesman at Mori Building.