Tokyo 2020 Olympics stadium, one-quarter smaller due to high costs

8 years ago by in Business, Sports

After they received many critics regarding the size and the costs of building the new Tokyo 2020 Olympics stadium, Japanese sports officials on Tuesday said they would shrink the stadium’s dimensions.

The stadium, designed by London-based Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, will be built in west Tokyo currently occupied by the national stadium, an area with numerous parks and a large Shinto shrine.

If built respecting its initial dimensions, the 70-metre futuristic building would tower over other structures in the area, which are limited to a 15-metre height restriction, critics said.

On Tuesday the Japan Sport Council, which is in charge of running the current and future stadium, announced it would scale back the floor space by one-quarter to 220,000 square meters.

Thus the costs for the smaller building would drop from Y300 billion to around Y180 billion, according to the international press. Officials on Tuesday did not release a revised cost estimate. “While we are still using Zaha Hadid’s design, we now plan to downsize it,” a JSC official told an expert panel which approved the new blueprint.