Tokyo by Night

10 years ago by in Travel

Winter found me on the streets until sunrise with a camera and a bottle of Black Nikka, alongside the other sleepless citizens of Tokyo. Everybody was looking for something.

Most of life is so hurry up and wait. At Ikebukuro station, people wait to squeeze their way into place. They will then seek out empty spaces to stare at until they are allowed to squeeze out and hurry off again.

Kabukicho is never empty, and the hearts of its inhabitants are never full. Wishing for more wishes. Dreams are born, spoken, and broken.

She loves the good life, knowing that it is all happening now.

A pedestrian underpass in Shinjuku at 4AM. A resting place for stray souls and shadows.

A good scout knows that it’s all about watching. He can spot his mark from halfway across the scramble intersection.