Tokyo CGM Night #8

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For folks who’ve been in this circle for some time would’ve heard of the Tokyo CGM event hosted by Danny Choo. Last Friday (18th June 2010) I attended my first ever CGM night held at Digital Hollywood University Ochanomizu campus.
Was kinda excited when I received e-mail from Danny asking whether I wanna join CGM months ago hah.

The name card of the night. Comes with point system too, 6 marks and you’ll get a free Indotei meal I heard?

Indotei’s portable curry kitchen spotted outside the building!

Was sort of early when I reached there, still setting up the stuffs there.

Steve Nagata handling the live stream feed.

Instructions to hook on the wireless network provided inside the hall.

Amuro Ai going to perform.

Mirai-chan, DC’s mascot.

Fellow comrade who came along. His tweet: Kesenaitsumi.

Mira-chan Curry. Mmm…. it tasted quite good but I don’t mind if it’s more spicier and 大盛!(笑)

Jonny giving instructions to the cosplayer how to pose with the sword.

Nice post eh Jon, looks like Kungfu master here hah.


After witnessing the how iPad functions, I’d changed my mind and find it actually very useful….. provided if Wifi is available abundantly since they say the 3G version isn’t that worthy?

DC and the pretty cosplayer.

Group photos for the cosplayers.

The man standing besides Kamen Rider is the founder of Digital Hollywood University Mr Sugiyama.

Janken session where the prizes are given out. Fellow comrade got a figure huh.


John of cosplaying as Kamen Rider. But it’s really a problem to wear such a suit in such humid and hot weather!

But nevertheless it doesn’t stop him from posing for pics hah.

Big-headed Momochi.

Amano Ai aka Julie Watai.

Forgotten her name but she’s gorgeous!

Well…. I personally still couldn’t really accept this….

Folks having their time with fellow comrades and cosplayers.

MunkhJapan who’s an exchange student currently studying in a Japanese high-school. I like the design of his card.

Joseph and Steve discussing on some serious stuffs eh.

One would relate the 2 characters above after Joseph’s successful Tokyo Marathon project which Steve helped to handle the live-streaming via Ustream.

Last but not least, a pic with Danny Choo himself.
It’s been a great experience there, thanks for inviting!