Tokyo city now accepting donations for quake victims from residents

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The government of Tokyo sent out a statement in Japanese, translated here.

Tokyo city office is now accepting relief supplies for the north from residents of the city.

The following supplies will be accepted:

  1. Supplies for babies: antifebrile sheets (Netsusamasheet) / nappies / wipes / baby lotion / baby oil etc.
  2. supplies for the elderly: diapers / nursing care supplies ( wipes, thickener for foods) etc.
  3. Others: contact lens care products ( cleaning solutions, cases) / pocket warmers (Hokkairo) / sanitary goods / paper cups / kitchen wrap
  4. water

*Please make sure to pack all the supplies in the boxs or bags
*Food and clothing will not be accepted for the moment

Where to send supplies:

  1. Personal
    Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2: 1F
    there is front desk for relief suppiles
    Adress : 2-8-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001 Japan
  1. Companies, organizations, towns
    Keihin truck terminal [ Delivery center #11]
    Adress : 2-1-1, Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006 Japan

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

How to send supplies:

  • Personal
    A : Use a delivery agency (Takkyubin)
    -Add the application form with supplies and send them to the Tokyo Metropolitan office.
    -write down「東京都救援物資在中」on the package
    -There will be delivery charges
    B : bring them directly to Tokyo Metropolitan office
    *Donations are preferred using method A.
  • Bring them directly to Keihin truck terminal [ Delivery center #11]
    In the case of large donations, please contact in advance.
    Tel : 03-3766-7871
    Senko Corp. Mr,Saito / Mr.Shimizu / Mr.Goto

Commences March 18 (Friday)

If you have any questions, please contact our call center:
Tel : 03-5320-4585
(From 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery


Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery