Tokyo Disney Sea

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Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney Land are popular tourist destinations for travelers to Japan. Whilst Tokyo Disney Land has a very high percentage of repeat visitors who come to see the Disney characters, Disney Sea was created as a theme park for a more mature age market.

A visit to Disney Sea can provide you with a full days entertainment on your trip to Tokyo in a relaxed environment.

Venice in Tokyo

Like a scene from Venice, Disney Sea have built a Gondola ride attraction mixed in with some wonderful architectural styles.

Mira Costa Hotel inside Disney Sea

You can stay inside the gates of Disney Sea by booking a room at the Mira Costa Hotel. If you are lucky your room will look out over the main lake where you can watch the night time shows.

Great Architectural detail

A lot of attention has been paid to the architectural detail, ensuring an enjoyable experience for those who just want to talk around the theme park.

Disney Sea

Inside the park, there are restaurant, shops, attractions and more to be enjoyed.

Disney Stores

One of the many stores you can visit. These are also themed to look aesthetically beautiful.

Disney Sea Volcano

The volcano is the center attraction for the day and night time shows. It lets off a stream of fire at regular intervals.

Dinner Time show

You can enjoy some good meals at the Mira Costa Hotel even if you are not staying the night. A window seat will give you a good view of the volcano.