Tokyo displays Christmas tree covered in gold

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Despite the fact that Christmas will come in about three months, people in Tokyo who want to make a  gift to remember (not only for the person who will receive it, but for the buyer’s own pocket as well) should start saving money by now. The Takashimaya department store in the city displayed recently a special Christmas tree, covered in gold.

During a gold decorations exhibition in Tokyo, a golden Christmas tree was displayed among other ultra-expensive objects. The festive tree costs around Y1 billion (almost $10 million) and has gold branches which have been adorned with cups, pots and candle stands, also made from the precious metal. The top of tree is decorated with an impressive gold star, according to the international press.

To display an interesting and festive colour contrast, the tree was also decorated with red baubles, bows and flowers.

The Christmas tree can be seen as part of the gold products exhibition in Tokyo that is taking place this week. However, it can only be seen from the distance, as it is constantly guarded by security personnel that are making sure no one tried to help themselves to an early Christmas present by taking one of the expensive decorations.

Aside from the tree, other gold objects displayed at the exhibition included a pair of gold Chinese lions weighing 80kg that are also worth almost $10 million, while a 1.8 kg pure gold dragon costs Y27.5 million ($275.000).