Tokyo Dome City

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Tokyo Dome, house of the giant ( if you know a bit about baseball).. a nice place to pass a day.

Tokyo Dome city is composed by the Tokyo Dome it self.. a big stadium, for baseball match or concert.. a cool amusement park, with tons of nice attractions.. but the star is the thunder dolphin for sure!.. will speak about it latter on the article.. a big shopping mall ( Laqua ) and many many restaurant ( chinese, indian, japanese, americain…) and one of the best place to eat spare ribs!!!! just in front of the jump shop ( for the manga/anime lovers)

ok so let s start with a video on the Thunder dolphin sama it self! .. I was a bit scary to film while riding the monster haha.. if you allready took a ride on it, you know what I mean ( the first slope ^^;) the best thing about the thunder dolphin is the view you get on Tokyo from the top.. very cool.. ( yes I know you will say that you have the same view on the ferris wheel.. but no.. with the speed of the thunder dolphin is a completly different view on the city 😀

Thunder dolphin

People waiting for their IDOL .. I forget the name of the girl, but they were very excited, jumping like crazy rabbit during the concert..
I don’t have any photos or video from this concert because it was forbidden.. I tried to, but a guy in black suit came and ask me to delete photo or/and video..
they don’t joke with this, even if I don’t understand why?…

thunder dolphin passing through the shopping mall wall..

ferris wheel ^^..

you can find everything about baseball in the area.. lot of shop, selling only baseball stuff

what are you looking little boy?

the tokyo dome hotel in the background

well, to change a little bit.. here is a photo of my wife and myself 😛

Strange sculpture

thin building

the river passing by

seller in the street

thank you ^^;

Suidobashi station

and for the last one, enjoy my moving wheel… took photos from the same position for about 30min.. then made the animation..