Tokyo governor quits after receiving undeclared money

6 years ago by in Politics

Tokyo lost its governor after the politician resigned on Thursday due to a money scandal. Naoki Inose, the governor of Tokyo, admitted receiving an undeclared sum of money – $500,000 from a hospital tycoon before him being elected.

The politician, who was elected a year ago, claims he received the money from the political family behind the huge Tokushukai medical group as an interest-free, personal loan.

“I have decided to resign from the post of Tokyo governor,” Inose said, according to the international press. “I intended to fulfill my duty of explaining to the city assembly, people of Tokyo and people of the nation, but regrettably I could not clear doubts over me. It is solely because of my lack of virtue.”

While the money was not declared in Inose’s campaign accounts, he insisted the fund was clean.

Under Japanese election law, campaign treasurers must report all income, such as donations, related to electioneering. Those who violate the law can face prison terms of up to three years or fines of up to Y500,000.

“I did not know how strict professional politicians need to be,” he said, adding he did not know the entire list of procedures that he had to follow.

“I was an amateur politician even though I knew well about policies. I myself thought it was extraordinary that I became Tokyo governor,” he added.