Tokyo.JapanTimes Contest winners!

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Many thanks to all who attended our successful Launch party which brought together over 400 members of the Tokyo.JapanTimes community. Thank you all for joining us.

During the event we held a competition giveaway but didn’t have enough time to formally announce all of the results.

Today we want to announce the competition awards to the first group of people who posted on Tokyo.JapanTimes. It’s difficult to be the first to step forward, big thank you for joining us!

In an ideal world we would like to reward all our contributors but unfortunately we only have a few goodies from White Rabbit Press left to giveaway. So we sat around a big round table in Tokyo.JapanTimes HQ and started going through the contents submitted. The criteria we used to decide the winners were: uniqueness of the post, popularity of the post and how much discussion it generated. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we have another contest coming up this week. Stay tuned!

The winners are:

$200 Gift Certificate for use on anything in their online store.

CLF for: Tokyo Panoramic Photos

Tokyo Realtime Akihabara + Kabukicho tours as a set

Rinkya for: 180 Yen Beers!??!

Invisiblegaijin for: InvisibleGaijin’s 59 Ways to Tell if You’reGaijin not a Gaikokujin.

Kanji Flashcards Volume 1 + Kabukicho tour as a set

Soshi for: momiji-ichi

kentokyo for: Tokyo street skateboarding

Kana flashcards + Kabukicho tour as a set

Janan for: Japan’s Cuisine couture

kapoue for: Yurikamome line by night

Huge (A0) Kanji poster

okasurfer for: Yoyogi Park Any given Sunday

Special Prize:

Arossa Dinner goes to John for: Hithchiking Getting out of Tokyo for Free

10% off Salt to kentokyo again for Tokyo street skateboarding

At the launch party we created another opportunity to win something. The rules at the party were simple, you had to Tweet with #Tokyo and @localjapantimes in your post to win.
Later that evening we selected LifeYouTV as the winner from the pool of tweets generated. LifeYouTV has also contributed some excellent posts that can be found here: LifeYouTv

He walked home, or more likely took the train home, with a Kanji poster and Tokyo Realtime Akihabara + Kabukicho tours as a set

Congratulations to all who were selected for this competition, We will be contacting you all shortly to grab your shipping details.

Thanks to White Rabbit Press once again for sponsoring this giveaway who are running a free tour this Sunday at Akihabara with the famous Goku. If you are in the area, you should sign up asap!