Tokyo man evicted twice in a lifetime due to Olympics

6 years ago by in Entertainment, Sports

A 79 years-old Japanese man called Kohei Jinno lost his house and business about 50 years ago, as both of them got demolished to make way for Tokyo’s Summer Olympic in 1964. Now he is getting evicted for the exact same reason.

Jinno spent two years, 1964 and 1965, in a different town cleaning cars. After that, he opened a tobacco shop in the place where he was relocated to in 1966. Now he has to move again to make way for the new $1.3 billion Olympic Stadium that Tokyo will build for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Around 200 households at Kasumigaoka will be relocated due to the new stadium, according to the local press. Residents, of whom about a third are over 70 years-old, are being offered housing in three other city-owned apartment complexes.

But Jinno says it is difficult for him and other residents of his age to move and start a new life, live in a new home and make new friendships.

“I may go where you cannot set up a tobacco shop,” he said, “that means I will lose my reason for living.”

“I do not want to see the Olympics at all,” Jinno said. “Deep inside, I have a kind of grudge against the Olympics.”

For 2020, Tokyo will invest about $4 billion in Olympic-related infrastructure and about  $5.5 billion in road repairs and expansion.