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When I was in the UK, way way back when (I exaggerate, I’m not really that old) I fell in love with Japan through a TV show. Looking back, I liked Japan because it was different, interesting and oh so energetic. That’s still true but living here has taught me more about the people that make this place so special.

Some of you will probably know this show – Tarrent on TV (a bit like Talent with a Japanese accent), it was one of those shows that showed weird and funny stuff from other countries. Don’t trust everything you see on TV ^^ I first came to Japan thinking Kimonos and Karate kids are the norm.

Although I don’t watch a lot of Japanese TV, I do follow up on pseudo news from the internet. Here are a few of my favorites. If I missed a really good one, do give me a heads up ^^

Japanprobe Have some really interesting articles and video features.

JapaSoc a social bookmarking site for Japan related news, the system is a bit like Digg and a great place to see quality content as rated by folks like you ^^

I also read Engadget and Gizmodo to get my gadget fix but the folks at Akihabaranews really have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the latest gizmos in Japan.

Pink Tentacle has a more arty feel to it and also wonderful place to learn about cool stuff in Japan.

Shibuya246 has a lovely photo blog featuring day to day life and the occasional wow, how did he set that up features. He also seems to have a bit of a love for Rilakkuma which I can’t blame him, that bear is one cool dude. probably doesn’t need much introduction from my end, for me, Danny serves as inspiration for me in many ways, but if you are interested in life in Japan and Otaku culture, you should totally check him out.

The Hopeless Romantic brought to you by a blogger and video blogger Claytonian who has awesome posts on Learning Japanese and news and goings on about Japan.

Watashi to Tokyo is written by a Japanese blogger who goes by the name Mari. Her posts are always light and cheerful covering topics not often talked about by English blogs.

Kirainet is cool blog by Hector. Like Danny, everytime I see his posts, he is doing something pretty cool. He is also a bit of a Life Hacker too ^^

Nihongonotes is a lovely Japanese learning portal, and great place to find tips, advices even a study buddy to challenge / encourage each other.

Yongfook is also written by a fellow Brit. When I first came to Japan he used to talk alot about Japan, recently more on IT business stuff. Even though the topic has changed a bit, I still enjoy his witty banter ^^


Just a few of the sites that I like to follow ^^

Where do you go to get your Japan news?