Tokyo NiteLife #1 DJ Dixon at club AIR

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There are many clubs in Tokyo as you may know. But types of club are wide-ranging. Some famous clubs are not focusing music and we usually don’t go such place.
For us , music is the most important part and DJ is also the key for us when we go to club.
Communication between DJ and cloud via great music is very much amazing. It’s really tough to explain these kind of experience but I’ll try my best to bring you energy from dance floor and DJ booth!

The 1st shoots are DJ Dixon from Berlin played at club AIR. Even if you don’t know club AIR , you might know the movie "Lost in translation". Yes, that is the club AIR which was appeared in the movie.
And Dixon , people say him as genius DJ. Totally agree. Once joining into his completed dance music work , you cannot escape from dance floor!

Line-up /
DJS: Dixon(INNERVISIONS/Sonar Kollektiv/from Berlin), Matsunami(Tri-Bute) and more
Artist promoted & tour co-ordinated by RYO Watanabe(ESCAPE/FACE)
Promoter /

Dixon (Innervisions)
Club AIR

If you want to know schedule of clubs in Tokyo , you can use RA.

Party just started. Ready to go journey with Dixon?

Just close your eyes , feel sounds => automatically your body will be moved!

Dixon knows the way. Just believe him.


And dance !


People say "Genius"

follow your instincts

Thanks Dixon. Hope to see you soon!