Tokyo not affected by Fukushima radiation at the Olympics – Takeda

6 years ago by in Japan, Sports

The radioactive leak at the Fukushima power plant will not threaten Tokyo, the head of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games bid Tsunekazu Takeda said.

Around 300 tons of toxic water have recently leaked into the ground and partially reached to the Pacific. Despite the worrying news, Takeda insisted the radioactive leak will not affect the bid, nor the people living in Tokyo.

Next Saturday, in Buenos Aires, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) members will choose the city that will host the Olympic Games in 2020 – Tokyo, Madrid or Istanbul.

“There is no risk from Fukushima,” said Takeda. “Day to day life in Tokyo carries on as normal for its 35 million people. The air and water quality is safe. Also the data shows that the radiation level is the same as most cities, like Paris, London and New York. Our main focus is to deliver great and safe Games,” he added.

Takeda thinks that Tokyo winning the bid would give Japan a great morale boost.

“The tsunami happened hundreds of miles from Tokyo but the consequences were felt by people throughout the country. It would be a huge morale boost to the whole country if we were to win the right to host the Olympics,” said Takeda.

“Winning the vote would give 116 million Japanese people a small taste of what it is like to win a gold medal. It would give them a feeling of celebration of winning an Olympic gold medal,” Takkeda added.