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Last Tuesday I went to an event called Tokyo 2.0, an event for folks interested in the internet in Japan. The event brings together some off the most cutting edge folks in the industry who want to connect and share all the latest going on in their world.

Have you ever seen "So you think you can dance", or "America’s got talent", or "Pop idol"?

The event was a special one off event in collaboration with Mobile in Japan. The event was titled TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR and brought to you by the lovely Steven Nagata.

The format was similar to America’s got talent. 4 promising mobile developers presented their latest innovation to a panel of celebrity judges which included Danny Choo, Noboyuki (Nobi) Hayashi, Haleo Shiiya and Hiroko Tabuchi and Hideki Francis Onda as the Moderator.

I heard that one of the presenter was going to take on the role of Simon Cowell.

There is a poll embedded in this article.

The event was broadcast-ed live on the internet and brought together an additional 500 people from around the world.

The presentation was ふきだしツクール (manga balloon maker) presented by Tomoya Nakamura. Its an app that allows you to annotate your pictures Manga style. It really reminded me of comic life on the mac.

Grant Morgan brought us Iposeable, an App that allows you to create interactive 3d character models. When I first saw this , the first thing I thought was, this would go nice with Augmented Reality functionality.

Twitcasting was introduced by Yoshiki Akamatsu. Twitcasting is a twitter client that allows you to perform live broadcasting on from your Phone. Yoshiki is currently running this service on his own servers^^

Finally we had フーフーミントン (Huff Puff Volley) by Tetsuya Imamura, a multi-player game that allows you to play badminton/volleyball type game with uber cute animals. Here is the catch, Huff Puff takes advantage of you Phones mic. the way you can interact with in the game is to blow into the mic when the shuttlecock comes to your side.

After each presentation the judges did their best Simon Cowell impressions and pitched a few questions about their product.

Voting took place soon after the presentations, both the folks on site and the audience online.

2 winner were nominated, by the public and one by the judges.

The public favorite:

1st twitcasting
2nd huff puff volley

The Judges favorite:

1st Huff Puff Volley
2nd twitcasting.

Personal favorite part of the event was with Joseph Tames video breaks ^^ His video made a few people spit beer out all over the place so I advise against watching his videos while drinking.

Don’t watch Josepth Tame and Drink!

Oh, you watched it first didn’t you?

I hope this is not a one off event for Tokyo 2.0. The regular event format is very similar but introducing the Judges into the mix was certainly a great way to transition between presentations.

I hear the next event is in May. If you are in the area and have an interest in the internet and want to meet like minded folks, you should pay a visit to Tokyo 2.0.

They have a facebook and plancast page too. Follow them to stay up to date with their going ons ^^

Special thanks to Pietro Zuco for allowing me to use his pictures.