Tokyo Shopping Surprises

10 years ago by in Japan Archives

During my last visit to Tokyo, I was walking through Shibuya when out the corner of my eye I spotted a sign for ESP, a famous guitar brand known best for heavy metal guitars. They make signature models for James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Jeff Hanneman (Slayer), and Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) amongst others.

Anyway, seeing as it was on the second floor of a relatively small building, I wasn’t expecting much. However this was one of the greatest guitar shops I have ever visited! Spiky guitars, angel guitars, even a gun guitar were all up for sale.

There is a poll embedded in this article.


Just down a random street. Maybe look for some import reggae records later?

Les Paul

Some basic Les Paul-shaped guitars.

Oooh, spiky

Things are getting a bit fancier.

My favourite

I would love to have this guitar. The red/black matt finish is just beautiful!

Johnny Bazookatone

Classic Sega Saturn game brought to life!

Holy heavy metal, Batman!

Quite simply the coolest guitar ever made. Would be a bit awkward to play/transport though…