Tokyo streets filled with fans celebrating World Cup qualification

8 years ago by in Entertainment

Most of the Japanese people are usually known for their reserved attitude, but on Tuesday night they proved the contrary on Tokyo’s streets. After Japan qualified for the 2014 World Cup, the streets of Shibuya ward were rapidly packed with football fans storming into the intersections to celebrate Japan’s victory.

Hundreds of policemen lined up with bullhorns and whistles trying, with no result, to control the masses. In the end, the police lined up along the roadside, holding hands to form a human wall, according to the local press.

Some of the excited fans even tried to flip over a taxi abandoned in the middle of the street by pushing it, Sankei News reports.

While a 20-year-old man said that after the game he rushed from his home to Shibuya Crossing to celebrate with others, a 41-year-old businessman said, “I got caught up in a celebration like this before and got knocked down flat. I appreciate the police keeping these kids in line.”

“I shed emotional tears when I think about how wonderful soccer can be. I would love to go to Brazil to cheer on the team,” a fan added.

Another fan was at the stadium cheering on the Japanese team with his family. “This is my first time seeing a qualifying match, and I am overwhelmed by this electric atmosphere. Although it was a drawn game, I’m happy that the team qualified for the World Cup. I hope they play well in Brazil,” he said with excitement.