Tokyo Summer BBQ Party

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I am writing this article to let you know all the details about the Tokyo Twitter BBQ party .. you don’t need to have a twitter account to come, everybody is welcome!

For the moment, we are more than 15 ppl from all over the world ( french, english, brasilian, japanese,..)


Sunday August 15th at 12.00 AM until ~ no limit


In Futako-tamagawa ( Tokyu den-en-toshi line second station from shibuya with the express train, 5 with the local or you can also take the Oimachi line) .. near the station you can see the river.. there s the place ^^; Take your swiming suit if you want to go in the river ( I see some people playing in the water everytime I go there )

( Futako-tamagawa station on wikipedia )

To go to the river from futako-tamagawa station go left at the station exit, then left one more time.. you will see a bridge in front of you… cross the road and go on that bridge.. cross the bridge (500m +-) and turn left.. thats it.. go under the bridge, and look for us ^^ in the red circle..

I am not sure that the place will be inside the red circle.. but I will try to reserve a place there..( certainly in the left circle) far away from the rubbish place.. in a clean and nice spot near the water ( check my twitter account to know the exact location @lifeyoutv ) or ask for my phone number by mail


Bring some food and drink and everything you want for your own comfort. If you have a bbq, take it with you.. I only have 2 small bbq so it will maybe not be enough for everybody or if you only want to do a pic-nic and eat sandwiches, or bento.. do as you want 😉

It will be postponed if it rains ( 大雨) but otherwise I ll be there with wifey, so do not hesitate to join us.. everybody is welcome!

Let’s have some fun!

If you have some questions or if you are sure to come, write a comment please.. ( to know if I need to reserve a lot of space or not… but if we dont have enough space, it s not a problem, we just have to find another place near the river ^^; )

Hope to see you there!

Mata ne