Tokyo versus rural Japan, a rich and poor gap

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A recent government survey showed a wider gap in the average monthly salary of employees between Tokyo and Japan’s rural areas.

Tokyo ranks first on average monthly salary among Japan’s 47 prefectures. This is the 20th consecutive year for Tokyo taking the top spot.

The average monthly salary in Japan’s capital is now 372,900 yen ($4,848) – an increase of 8,100 yen from previous year.

At the bottom of the rankings is the Aomori Prefecture with 222,200 yen- a drop by 4,300 yen from a year ago.

With these figures, the wage gap now stands at 150,700 yen between Tokyo and Aomori. The gap has widened compared with last year’s 140,900-yen difference between Tokyo and Okinawa.

Wages in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, all in the Tokyo metropolitan area, saw a rise in monthly salary attributed to improved economic trend. On the other hand, the three prefectures severely hit by the March 11 disaster have the following average monthly salary: Iwate with 234,600 yen – a decline by 2,200 yen from a year ago; Miyagi with 279,600 yen- an increase of 15,800 yen; and Fukushima with 261,600 yen-up 6,500 yen.

The data culled from the Basic Survey on Wage Structure was released on January 11, 2012 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

The survey was conducted nationwide with responses coming from 45,818 companies with at least 10 full-time employees, The Asahi Shimbun reported. Salary was based on the month of June in 2011 and referred only to base pay and dependency allowance, excluding bonuses and overtime pay.