Tokyo Wildlife

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Brown-eared Bulbul

Having been brought up in the English countryside surrounded by nature, sometimes I feel the need to escape the city. Unfortunately, recently I’ve been a little too busy to go far beyond Meguro-ku, so have been looking for signs of life closer to home – and found some literally 2 metres from my futon.

Here, a young Brown-eared Bulbul pokes around inside the remains of the cherry blossom that drapes over our balcony, sucking up what little nectar there is and getting its beak covered in pollen.

Noisy Squawker

They may look cute, but they don’t sing too well. Their noisy squawks have been called "the most unattractive noises made by any bird" – and I can vouch for that being true!


In Japan, they’re known as ‘Hiyodori’. They’re not found back home in the UK, being confined to East Asia.

Bird and Daiei supermarket


Some of the cherry blossom in Himonya park has been late to flower

Guinea Pig

The local wildlife isn’t limited to birds – we have a few local guinea pigs too.

Baby on Pony

Six ponies also live just down the road, and are known for giving babies rides around the park. I think this one is called ‘Cheese’!