10 Tips For Japanese Travelers Visiting America

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There’s always a talk about Americans visiting Japan but was there really any talk about Japanese travelers visiting America? Well, in this post, we’re going to talk about the top 10 tips for Japanese travelers visiting America for the first time. These tips go out to all the Japanese tourists traveling to America.

1) American vending machines are not like Japan’s vending machines. The items in the vending machines are completely limited.

The vending machines in America are mostly carbonated beverages. Most of the stocks inside the vending machine are soda hence why the vending machines in America are very limited. In Japan, vending machines sell anything you can think of. They can even sell some eggs or maybe even underwear. If you’re coming from Japan, you might be disappointed when you see the vending machines in America.

2) Cashiers in America take their sweet time working. Be sure to make some friends while waiting to pay.

Even if you’re buying a few things, the cashiers in America take their absolute sweet time working. In Japan, the cashiers are incredibly fast. It’s surprising how the people waiting in the checkout line are laid back and don’t complain. Well, some people complain but others just wait for their turn. Since it will take longer than it should, it’s always better to make some friends while waiting in the checkout line.

3) Strangely, Americans may sound like horses when they laugh.

In Japan, a woman who is about to laugh covers her mouth before laughing. It’s a polite manner to cover your mouth when you laugh in Japan. To them, it’s disgraceful to laugh loudly with your mouth wide open. Though adult males, do not laugh much.

Now, in America, when both gender laugh, they don’t bother covering their mouth or looking away. They will laugh right in your face with their mouth wide open and laugh loudly. In America, turning away while laughing will make the other person think you are talking badly about them or talking about a secret.

4) Eating in Japan vs. Eating in America

Each person eating in Japan gets many individual dishes needed for the whole meal. There are times where more than 10 dishes per person is used. Imagine that! But, in America, it doesn’t work that way. Usually, there’s a big bowl or plate that is placed in the middle of your table. Then, you’d have to take as much food as you can and put it onto the plate in front of you which is called the “dinner plate”.

People eating in Japan is way different than people eating in America. Why? In Japan, if they’re eating, they’re just eating. They don’t have anything else on their table except for the things they’re eating. They don’t have any music playing or decorations on the table. In America, it’s completely the opposite. When you’re at a restaurant, you’ll notice that music is playing in the background. Usually, they play music in restaurants to create a fun environment. You’ll be able to have fun while eating. There are also other things on your table besides your food.

In Japan, the decorative tableware is being handed down mother to daughter and so forth. They have more valuable dishes that they make for Christmas and even Thanksgiving. In America, the recipes used are easy to guess. Family meals have sugar, salt, pepper, oils, and some spices. There really isn’t a secret ingredient that people make because it’s usually made out of regular ingredients. Americans enjoy sweet, high fat, high calories foods. Can’t blame though!

5) Don’t wear hip hop clothes in some rough parts of America.

It’s normal to wear hip hop clothes in Japan because it’s considered stylish. In America, it’s a bit risky to wear hip hop clothes because people will think you’re a member of a street gang. By the way, you wouldn’t want that to happen to you. Places that have less security, have graffiti everywhere, and windows are usually seen with bars, happens to be a place where you definitely don’t want to wear some hip hop clothes at. When you wear hip hop clothes in those area, you’re just asking for trouble. You’re kind of saying, “Hey everyone! Look at me!” So be careful what you wear in the rough areas in America.

6) Drivers have manners on the road.

The good thing in America is that the drivers on the road have some manners. They’re courteous drivers. Let’s just say that Japanese drivers should be embarrassed about how they drive on the road. Drivers in America don’t get pushy which is good for those who drive slow. But, some drivers in America have road rage. You can say that America is a car society though and their good manners are not only limited to cars.

7) Americans don’t care by the amount you drink.

In America, they won’t care how much you drink. If you drink a large amount of alcohol, that means you can’t manage yourself. To be drinking alcohol numerous times, you would be considered as an alcoholic. It was said that alcoholics are just weak people mentally.

Non-smokers are said to be more important than the ones that do smoke in America. Non-smokers are more important because that means that they’re able to handle themselves while the smokers can’t.

8) Americans make sure to enjoy once in a while.

In America, whatever your job consists of, you’ll make sure that you have room for leisure time whether it’s on weekdays or weekends. On the weekdays, Americans might go for walks, jog, go biking, play tennis, and many other activities. On the weekends, it’s more easier for them to enjoy more freedom since they wouldn’t have to worry about their work.

Though in Japan, there is no free time during the weekday. The only free time they have is during the weekend. They would either spend the weekend watching TV, just hang around the house, work, study, or go shopping.

9) To understand an American, you would need to learn sarcasm.

Putting your bent middle and index fingers of both hands in the air, that means you are making a finger quotation marks. That means that you don’t believe in what you’re saying. You can also just say “or so called”.

10) It doesn’t matter if Americans make mistakes or fail.

Living in Japan can be hard because you have to avoid failing or making mistakes in front of people. If you do either one of those, people will criticize you and it won’t look good. You’ll no doubt feel humiliated. In Japan, you’ll always feel like you  have to be perfect at everything to avoid being humiliated.

Americans on the other hand, they can make mistakes, fail, and it won’t even matter to them. It’s just natural to them if they make mistakes. Instead of thinking about if they will fail or make a mistake, they’ll just say, “Well… let’s just try anyway!”.

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