19 Of The Most Awesome Japanese Inventions Ever

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The Japanese made some really awesome inventions but not all of them are appropriate for using in public.

1) Can’t sleep on the subway? Well, now you can!



Source: tofugu.com

2) Is your hair always going in your food? The Japanese inventors have a solution for that.


Source: thenonconsumeradvocate.com

3) Did it suddenly rain? Don’t want to get wet? Get this and always be prepared!


Source: tofugu.com

4) For the ladies… do you get tired getting your shoes dirty when it rains? 


Source: tofugu.com

5) Do you get chapped lips and maybe even get hungry? With this product, you can never get chapped lips or get hungry! Don’t forget to bring some bread with you at all times.


Source: tofugu.com

6) Want to take panorama pictures but don’t have the extra money to buy a better camera?


Source: tofugu.com

7) For those who miss their eyes when putting eye drop…


Source: tofugu.com

8) Are you too busy to clean your floor? Well, now your baby can clean it for you.



Source: thenonconsumeradvocate.com

9) For those who wear pocket-less pants.enhanced-buzz-14673-1383152163-52

Source: tofugu.com

10.  Now, farmers don’t have to go back and forth to fetch their tools.



Source: tofugu.com

11) Are your noodles too hot for you? 


Source: petterbergundhaugen.com

12) Too lazy to click the keys on your keyboard? With this tool, you don’t have to click anything! 



Source: 111evaah111.wordpress.com


13) Have the sniffles but didn’t bring any napkin?


Source: pingmag.jp

14) Do you need to collect some rainwater for whatever reason?



Source: superradnow.wordpress.com

15) Now you can squish bugs and exercise at the same time. Have fun chasing em!



Source: superradnow.wordpress.com


16) After you finish killing the bugs, clean their guts using this.

enhanced-buzz-24380-1383154479-32 (1)


Source: superradnow.wordpress.com

17) Did you forget your lighter? 



Source: superradnow.wordpress.com

18) Is your back itchy but your friend doesn’t know where to scratch? Just give them the letter and number.



Source: superradnow.wordpress.com


19) Are you trying to put lipstick on a bumpy ride and don’t want to look like the Joker?



Source: sumthinblue.com