Top Ten Tourist Discoveries in Japan

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TOKYO (IG News) — A new catchphrase, “Japan. Endless Discovery.,” designed to woo more foreign tourists to Japan was unveiled today by Minister of Tourism Seiji “Yokoso!” Maehara.

“We want to let people know how good tourism in Japan is,” said Maehara, “and that’s why we are also introducing this list of “Top Ten Tourist Discoveries in Japan.”

10. Geisha look like your grandmother, not Zhang Ziyi.

9. Public restrooms can be spotless or filthy but either way there’s no hand soap.

8. Real Otaku are kind of creepy.

7. “O-genki desu ka” is not a commonly used greeting, except among tourists.

6. Akihabara maids are the new Ginza hostesses, skilled in the art of separating men from their money.

5. “Lost in Translation” actually means “functionally illiterate.”

4. Demonstrating one’s martial arts skills is a good way to get your ass kicked.

3. “Live” is not necessarily better than “raw” fish.

2. All the Japanese gifts you can afford to buy are made in China.

1. You lack the core strength needed to use Japanese squat toilets.

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In other news, two new political parties have launched in Japan, the Tachiagare Nippon or “Get It Up, Japan!” party, and the Koheto Nippon or "Old Fart Party of Japan."

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