Tourists to visit Japan for snow canyons

8 years ago by in Japan

Japan faced abundant snowfalls this year, with record snow accumulations in Aomori Prefecture and other great snow falls in Iwate, Toyama and Fukushima Prefecture.

At the Tateyama Mountain route in the center of the country, the snow is piled 60 feet high. The route opened to traffic for the first time this year.

The Tateyama road is passing through Japan’s Northern Alps mountains and its altitude reaches over 8,000 feet at its highest point.

Despite the strong winds, tourists enjoy the view of the snow canyons that are three feet taller than in 2012, according to the international press.

Tourists are surprised at the sight, although the workers have been cleaning out the snow since the beginning of the year. They say they have watched the giant snow walls on TV, but seeing the snow canyons right in front of them is a different thing.

Tourists can continue to enjoy walking tours of Tateyama’s snow canyon through June.