Toxic water leaks again at Fukushima plant

6 years ago by in Japan

Around 100 metric tons of radioactive water has leaked into the ground at Fukushima crippled nuclear power plant. The leak, coming from a holding tank, was discovered on Wednesday, according to TEPCO – the plant’s operator.

The plant has shut off the inflow of water into the tank and the leaking has stopped, TEPCO added. The company’s officials think that no toxic water leaked into the Pacific Ocean, close to which the plant is located.

The nuclear power plant was crippled by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. Since then TEPCO has stored impressive amounts of radioactive water at the site. The increasing amount of contaminated water equaled to an increased responsibility for TEPCO to manage the situation, with several other leaks reported in 2013.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government vowed to step in to deal with the toxic water crisis at the plant that caused concern in Japan and abroad about the scale of the problem faced by TEPCO.

The leak reported Thursday is one of the largest since TEPCO reported last summer that about 300 tons of radioactive water had leaked from a tank, according to the international press.