Toyota Shows Off Toyopet And Manages To Steal The Spotlight At The Tokyo Toy Show 2014

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Technology


In the Tokyo Toy Show 2014, Toyota managed to steal the show. They displayed one of their most awesome works, the Camatte Lab. It basically lets adults drive a transparent vehicle while kids can customize a sports car hood with their very own drawings. In addition to that, Toyota also exhibited these sweet Toyopet Pokémon cars.


You’ll see that it’s actually a Pokémon-themed Toyota car, well, Pikachu. This Toyopet made its first appearance at the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show and came back in the 2014 edition.


The Pikachu car is accompanied by a Fennekin character also known as Fokko in Japan. It’s a Fennekin character car that has a fox-like nose that looks so adorable.




While many people may think that Pokémon is pretty old now, these Pokémon cars didn’t fail to make a great impression. Especially since they were made by a major car maker, Toyota!


The Toyopet line actually dates back all the way to the 1940’s and had made their last appearances in a series in the 1970’s.