13 Of The Most Bizarre Translation Mistakes Ever, Straight Out Of Asia

5 years ago by in World

Translating different languages into English can be a difficult task. But, by the looks of it, it looks like translating Mandarin or Japanese into English is one of the many difficult translating task there is. How do I know? Well, you’re about to see some examples of “lost in translation” signs. These pictures can be found anywhere in the internet but it never gets old. Prepare for some laughs, giggles, and even more laughs.

1) I’d like your smile too if you can even smile in the first place. But, I’m really sorry for stepping on your face.


2) Okay… thanks for the advice Mr. Thomas Edison!


3) Wait a minute… I thought peeing in the pool is prohibited?



4) Hmm… does that mean you can get back the trash?


5) I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures in the Garden with Curled Poo!


6) Why so serious, engine room?


7) Oh okay… *walks away silently*

engrish10 (1)

8) Uh oh… someone should fix that before someone DOES drive drunk…


9) Quick! Call the police!


10) Is this where all the racist people gather?


11) Hi, can I get some fresh crap please?


11) You want to put out the fire not make it worse…


12) Alright, let me just do that.


That was rather… INTERESTING. Which sign made you laugh?