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Name: Hiromi Fur Coat: MSGM Tiel Leather Top: Dayz Tokyo Mustard Shorts: Dayz Tokyo Clutch: Golden Kane Accessory: Dayz Tokyo

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Due to snowy weather in Tokyo we have been unable to go out and take photos during the last week.

Name: Beniko Coat: Atelier Pierrot Shoes: Tokyo Bopper Bag: Jean Paul Gaultier

Name: Yong Hee Head to Toe: Bought in Korea Mask & Accessories: Bought in Harajuku

Name: Shiori Coat: I am I Sweater: I am I Pants: I am I Shoes: I am I Accessory: I am I Socks: Mujirushi Bandana: CA4LA

Name: You Fluffy Jacket: Flammeum Turtle Neck: Kikka Jump Suit: Kikka Belt: Kikka Bag: Kikka Shoes: Cortes Works Earrings: Kitty Joseph

Name: Hatsumi Top: Cosmic Wonder Pants: Cosmic Wonder Shoes: New Balance Bag: Spoken Word Project Accessories: Hokuro

Name: Fumiko, Artist Dress: Jenny Fax Shoes: Bought in Taiwan Tights: Anna Sui Bag: Fumiko Imano