Tsunami debris museum to open in Canada

8 years ago by in Featured, World

A Canadian museum intends to exhibit items brought by the sea from Japan, following last year’s tsunami, in a project meant to tell the social and human side of the story.

The announcement was made by the project coördinator at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, Linda Funk.

The idea is to not only document, but to showcase them in an exhibit type of way, Funk said. “There might be a few items that come over that have some personal or sentimental value for these people who have lost everything.”

The initiative, called the “Tsunami Debris Project”, is also considering the experts’ opinion, that massive amounts of debris will reach the North American coast next year.

So far, items to reach the North American coast and presented by the media were a rusty ship, a soccer ball and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“Most of the things will be fishing floats or pieces of lumber, non-interesting debris, but there’s bound to be a couple of items that are like the soccer ball,” Funk said. “It’s a bit like a treasure hunt. You never know what you’re going to find.”