Tsunami-survivor gigantic tree turned into sculpture

7 years ago by in Japan

Back in 2011, Japan was devastated by a violent tsunami. Two years later, during the anniversary of the natural disaster on March 11, a new memorial to the people and things that lived through it was presented: a gigantic “miracle pine tree” that survived the tsunami and that now has been converted in a sculpture.

After the tsunami hit the city of Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, the 88-foot pine remained the only one standing of a forest of about 70,000 trees. But one year and a half after the tsunami, the pine eventually died due to high levels of saline introduced into its environment.

However, the tree has been artificially restored in a project to preserve it. It was felled and giant molds were created to again form the trunk and branches as they stood when the tree was alive, according to the international press.

The fortified sculpture is set to be unveiled this week. The tree’s toupee stands 25 feet tall and weighs 1.4 tons alone, aside the rest of the artificial monument that was built over the past week.

The monument stands now as a reminder both of everything that washed away, and everything that did not, the press comments.