Turkey to work with Japan for nuclear energy – Erdogan

7 years ago by in Business

Turkey will work together with Japan for nuclear energy, according to the statement made on Tuesday by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“We have taken the first step with Russia, and we are taking the second step with Japan”, said Erdogan who held a joint press conference with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in Istanbul.

“We wish to make this investment as soon as possible,” the Turkish Prime Minister added, according to the international press.

Regarding the issue of nuclear accidents, Erdogan was asked what precautions Turkey would take in case of emergency. The Prime Minister reminded Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident and said the risk to have nuclear accidents is one in a million.

“There is no investment made without accidents. Planes and cars crash. What is important here is to minimize mistakes without doubt,” Erdogan said.

Turkey’s first planned 4,800 megawatt (MW) Mersin Akkuyu nuclear plant in southern Turkey is being built by Russia’s Rosatom.