Twitter crashed during Japan New Year celebration

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Twitter, one of the most popular social networks in the world, crashed and was impossible to access for over an hour during the New Year’s celebrations. The website was reported by the British press as down at 3 PM, which coincided with midnight celebrations in Japan, when people were sending more than 16,000 tweets per second.

Frustrated users trying to access the service were getting the error message “Twitter is over capacity”.

The website recovered but later was down again on several occasions, as the New Year arrived in different parts of the world.

In Tokyo, people greeted the New Year with helium balloons released at the Tokyo Tower at midnight. They attached to the balloons notes with their hopes for 2012.

2011 was one of the most difficult years in Japan’s history, after an earthquake and the subsequent tsunami claimed the lives of over 20,000 people last March.

“I hope it will be a year full of smiles. For those who are crying now, I hope they’ll be smiling too,” said 21-year-old Horie Soichiro during the New Year celebration.