Typhoon could make thousands of Japanese evacuate homes

6 years ago by in Japan

Authorities have warned around 7,000 people living in Western Japan to leave their homes due to a typhoon threat. Typhoon Toraji is expected to cause landslides and flooding in the area.

Typhoon Toraji made landfall on the southern part of Kyushu on Wednesday and specialists expect it move now to northeast.

The typhoon is expected to bring 300mm of rainfall in 24 hours until 6:00 AM on Thursday, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

People living in Ehime, Tottori, Okayama and Shimane have been evacuated due to heavy rainfall, the local press reports.

A mudslide occurred in a carriageway of the Matsuyama Exoressway in Ehime, Shikoku Island as 100mm per hour were recorded. The road between the Matsuyama and Ozu interchanges was closed, but officials say there have been no accidents or injuries on that particular road until now.

Toraji is the 17th typhoon to hit Japan in 2013 and is predicted to carry winds of up to 126 kph and waves as high as 6 meters in the South, and winds of up to 108 kph and waves of 5 meters in the north. The meteorological agency said that the continuous heavy rainfall might lead to floods and landslides and so the residents are strongly urged to evacuate for their own safety.