Typhoon helps zoo squirrels mass escape

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

About 30 squirrels managed to escape from their netting at a Tokyo zoo after a powerful typhoon, forcing their keepers to initiate a massive operation to recapture them.

The squirrels escaped when typhoon Guchol felled a tree that made a hole in the netting. Park workers managed to capture 18 of them using nets and traps, but the rest were still on the run.

“Today we set traps with pieces of bread and sweet potatoes, the food we usually give them,” a zoo spokesperson said. “They don’t usually attack humans, but they have very sharp front teeth, so we urge people not to chase or tease them.”

In another recent, famous zoo-escape case, a Humboldt penguin from a Tokyo sea park was recaptured after living three months in the Tokyo Bay.

Typhoon Guchol hit the Honshu island on Tuesday night, killing one man and injuring 50 others. The storm affected air, road and rail links.