This Useful Product Let’s You Read Books While Taking A Bath

7 years ago by in Entertainment



Everyone loves baths but how can those who like to read and take baths do those two things at the same time. The Japanese people love to take baths. Whether it’s hot springs, public baths, or even home foot baths for feet saunas, they just love it. We know that reading while taking a bath is difficult especially because the book can get wet. That’s frustrating right? A company has invented an awesome product for those who still read books that are made of paper. Not Kindle or an iPad but those old fashioned paper pages. The product is called “You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover Bath Bag.”


You can purchase this product on the JapanTrendShop. It’s simply an inflatable bag that holds your book inside while you’re taking a bath. It can hold any type of book size and even comes with a finger slot where you can slide your fingers in so that you can grasp your book and turn the pages easily without having to get it wet. It was created by a Japanese company called Jerry Cole Design… yes, they are in fact a Japanese company. If you are one of those people who love to read while taking a bath, this product is definitely for you.