Vehicle Inspection

9 years ago by in Travel

The other day, I went to Kanagawa District Transport Bureau 神奈川運輸支局 and had an automobile safety inspection "車検 – Shaken". There is the automobile inspection registration system 自動車検査登録制度 in Japan. All motor vehicles over 250cc in engine have a requirement to undergo Shaken inspection every 1 or 2years. Usually, automobile dealership or repair garage take care of it in place of vehicle owner. But it cost quite expensive. If you are the owner of a mid-size passenger car, you must pay them more than 70,000yen with each cycle! I’m not a rich man^^; so I decided to do it myself.

Inspection finally begins after I wrote up some confusing documents about it.

Someone already uploaded a video about the inspection:)

Fortunately, a very kind officer accompanied me on each testing and gave me some advice:)

Yey! I got a new automobile inspection certificate at last! Finally, it cost only 22,000yen by total.

I can drive my car until next inspection:)

Winner’s lunch^^ It was a very clear day. Lovely blue sky, beautiful sunshine, and nice breeze. I enjoyed a little picnic at the Transport Bureau.

Motor-vehicle inspection (Japan) from Wikipedia. It’s funny that "For the weapon that goes also by the same name, see Shuriken". LOL