Violin strings made of spider silk in Japan

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

A Japanese researcher from Nara Medical University said he built violin strings using spider silk and that they produce better quality sounds, if handled properly.

Shigeyoshi Osaki, a professor of polymer chemistry, has been working with spider silk for over 35 years. Because the material does not have so many spaces between individual fibers, it allows for the making of stronger strings. During the process of weaving the threads, their shape changes from cylindrical to polygonal, reducing thus the space between them.

“Professional violinists have said they can tell the difference”, Osaki said. Musicians who have tried the spider silk violin strings said they have a “soft and profound timbre”, the professor said.

“It’s one thing to create scientifically meaningful items, but I also wanted to produce something that would be socially accepted by ordinary people,” he said.

Osaki has previously said that spider silk could be used for making bullet proof vests or surgical sutures, thanks to the solid structure of the threads brought together.