Virtual ladies to sell more canned coffee in Japan

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Japan has around 5.5 million coffee vending machines, with many of them having Tommy Lee Jones’ serious face plastered on them.

However, that is about to change, as Coca-Cola thinks the average Japanese man will buy more coffee if virtual women allocated to the vending machines will send him text messages.

Coca-Cola’s local canned coffee is called Georgia and it is available in more than 20 varieties. It also has an app: Hanaseru Jihanki Georgia (Georgia the Talking Vending Machine).

After installing the app on the smartphone, the user can choose one of the six virtual women who will send him text messages centered on caffeine and relaxation.

“You have worked hard today,” she will say. “Please take it easy for a while.”

The woman also provides practical advices such as “You might need an umbrella today”, triggered by an inclement weather forecast based on GPS data, according to the international press.

The six ladies are described as coffee shop “managers” and are actually based on real, famous women. One, for instance, is Aoi Tamagi, a 21-year-old TV weather announcer.

The application seems to have raised the interest of consumers, as it snagged the No. 1 spot in Google Play’s entertainment category in Japan.