Wigs in Japan Is Big Business

7 years ago by in Travel

Every time a friend pops over to Japan I always take them to see either Donkihote or Tokyu Hands. These stores remind me a lot of the Gadget stores in the UK and you are always never quite sure what you will find in the next isle.

I have never worn a wig, and actually have a kind of a complex with my hair –> read “I am clueless about hair” but after visiting Tokyu Hands wig section I thought, maybe I should shave my head and wear a wig instead. Why?

Tokyu hands has a section near the costume section for wigs, the entire section was dominated by a company called Lapin d’or Their wigs cover the current fashion trend in Japan. I found their catalog and took a copy home.

See the guy on the cover and on the right? That’s him on the left page in his pre wig stage. The wig really makes a big difference.

The catalog even had a section that covers how to look after the wig and put it on properly. Before seeing this page I just assumed you put it on like a hat.

This is the safe salary man look. The look for folks who want to be presentable at work but at the same time a bit fashionable. I might go for the one on the right.

This is the more Gyaru – oo look or the Host look. I have a theory about this hair and why it’s popular amongst those folks. The bigger and more puffy the hair, the more they resemble a lions mane. I call this “The King of the Jungle” look.

This the younger in the teens look. The guy on the right is the rebellious dude at school and the middle and right are more like the good boy look.

This look is more the cool boy look. Natural without trying too hard. A look I wouldn’t mind trying out myself. There is more I want to show you, but I will leave you here. If you are interested in seeing more you should check out their site; Homme for men.

For the ladies. See I didn’t forget about you. The folks at Lapin d’or also do wigs for women.

I love these 4 step illustrated examples of how to put a wig on.

Wigs can actually be styled just like real hair. This is the Harajuku loli look.

It amazes me what you can do with these wigs, and really like how she wears a wig and a mini hat to go with this look.

This section shows you how it create a new look.

It looks like some of the wigs are unisex, and you can easily cut and style to your taste. The more I see people do this the more I think about the computer geeks and their hacking. It’s weird, but essentially the same concept.

I’ll leave you here with another unisex wig transformation. Ladies, if you want to see more, here is the link for you. Lapin d’or for women.