Wild Tokyo: walk in Center-kita

10 years ago by in Travel

After the african art in center-kita station, here is some photos from center-kita forest.. a wild place in an urban jungle.

When I was walking in this forest I could feel how ancestor were seeing the area.. or maybe I was projected in a old war movie.. like an americain soldier lost in the Japanese jungle ^^

Btw, I ve shot this photos serie in black and white.. weather was not good at all.. and in color everything looks like a monotone grey photo.. So I switched to the balck and white mode of the camera, and it s a lot better..
Black and white catched the atmosphere of the place

You can watch the photos in this video. or simply pass the video and look bellow 😛

Ryuu is in tha place

A temple, stand between the city, and the forest

Reflection of the modern world in the window of the temple

wild cat? or maybe is an illusion? a black panther? 😀

this is the only photo in color.. the green of the bamboo was "shining" in the dark of the forest..
I ve try a black and white shot like you can see above.. but I like the color one 😛