Winning a War on Suicide in Japan

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Japan has a reputation for having a high rate of suicide among its population despite the fact that both China and South Korea have higher levels of reported suicide. The culture of suicide in Japan seems to be unique in the number of publications and communities that promote the act with the development of a number of advanced suicide techniques that were likely first developed in Japan.

Film maker Dr. Rene Duignan has started an effort to promote suicide awareness and prevention in Japan. The project starts with the documentary “SAVING 10,000 – Winning a War on Suicide in Japan” an in-depth look at the problem and culture of suicide in Japan. The documentary is eye-opening in how complex and advanced the culture of suicide in Japan has become.

While we found Dr. Duignan’s voice overs to be distracting at best, the content of the film is otherwise very informative and well researched with a number of international experts giving their perspective and experience with the suicide culture of Japan.