Winter-time on the beach in Zushi

10 years ago by in Travel

Went for a walk with my wife on the beach in Zushi today. I took as many photos as I could before my wife told me to put the camera away and just enjoy the walk.
Actually, it wasn’t a "camera." It was my Nokia mobile phone. Hence I wasn’t able to take any nice zoom shots.
Some of you will no-doubt realize that this isn’t really Tokyo. In fact, it’s not Tokyo at all. It’s Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture. But, hey, Zushi is pretty much the closest beach there is to Tokyo, so I think it qualifies.
That’s Mt. Fuji you can see in some of the shots. And right in front of Mt. Fuji is Enoshima. The little sailboats you can see in the middle of the bay are Laser-class boats. It’s usually the Keio University sailing club that is out there training on them.
I’ll stop rambling now. Enjoy!