Wipe’Out style levitating car demonstrated in Japan

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Japan Institute of Science and Technology has developed a prototype track where model cars compete in an anti-gravity race, inspired by the popular Wipe’out racing video game.

Using a combination of electric currents, magnetic fields and liquid nitrogen propulsion, the researchers have recreated a Wipe’out track where two cars are competing in a “levitating” race. The cars are floating in the air while moving at full speed on the racing circuit.

“With this new technology, we hope to revolutionize the world of motor transport,” said the researching team in a video presentation of the prototype. “ Maybe in a near future we could assist to a real Wipe’out race.”

Wipe’out is a computer and console game developed and published by Psygnosis, where racing cars compete on futuristic tracks.

You can watch here a video demonstration of the anti-gravity racing track.