World Expo 2005

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With the World Expo 2010 just started in Shanghai, I uploaded some pictures of the Expo I visited 5 year ago in Aichi, just outside Nagoya.

It was the second World Expo to be hosted in Japan. The first one was in 1970 in Osaka.

Arrived in Nagoya by Shinkansen.

From Nagoya to the expo site took about an hour by public transport. It was clearly signposted.

All the gondolas of this rope-way were fitted with hyper modern blinding windows (LCDs embedded in the glass), because they traveled over a residential area whose people had protested by the potential invasion of their privacy. Halfway during the trip, the windows went black for a few minutes. Never experienced this anywhere else.

Arriving at the one of the entry gates. From here you had to take a rope-way to get to the action.

Look at all this crazy collection of exhibitions. World Expos are fun but also strange, surreal in a way. They show-cast various parts of the world, but look like no other place on earth.

The Expo consisted of a number of company pavilions (Japanese firms only) and country pavilions of almost all countries in the world. This Hitachi pavilion featured a real waterfall coming down the rocky area every 15 minutes.

Biggest and most popular pavilion was the one from Toyota. Nagoya is Toyota’s birth ground, and the area is still dominated by the world’s largest car manufacturer. In this exhibition there was a great robot show, including trumpet playing robots!

How’s this for patience. Waiting line of 180 minutes – i.e. 3 hours! Queues could be avoided by pre-booking online (but you had to do that months in advance)

Electric Power Pavilion

Japan Rail mag-lev magnetic high-speed train (working prototype) – holds speed record of close to 600 km/hour.

The theme of the 2005 Expo was environmental sustainability. All pavilions had to be environmental friendly and recyclable (after they were taken down at the end of the Expo). Visitors were encouraged to separate garbage, even the chopsticks.

Holland pavilion. Very much cliche. But then, most country pavilions were.

I enjoyed this pavilion: Belgium Waffles and Beer. Hmmm, Belgium Beer.

One of the highlights of the Expo: the house from the Miyazaki anime "Tonari no Totoro" was built exactly like in the movie.