World War II bomb removed from Sendai airport

7 years ago by in Featured, Japan

The World War II bomb found two weeks ago near the runway of the Sendai airport has been safely removed by a military squad.

The 250-kilogram rusty bomb was defused and then transported away from the airport.

The activity of the airport was affected on Wednesday, while the team worked, with more than 30 flights being cancelled. The airport was closed as well in the day the bomb was found, two weeks ago, when 92 flights were cancelled.

The bomb, identified as made in the U.S., was found during construction work at the airport. Sendai airport is still under reparation after last year’s quake and tsunami, as the city was very close to the epicenter of the disaster.

The United States heavily bombed Japanese cities during World War II. Finding unexploded bombs is still a rather common thing in Japan, even 67 years after the end of the war.