World’s first phone with radiation detection shown in Japan [VIDEO]

7 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Japanese mobile operator Softbank will launch the world’s first phone that can detect radiation, the company announced.

The model is built by Sharp and belongs to the Pantone line. It has a special chip that is able to detect gamma radiation in the air for levels between 0.05 and 9.99 microsieverts per hour. It takes about ten seconds until the detector makes a reading. The level of radiation is then placed on a map, after localization of the physical position through GPS.

“I received many tweets asking for some way to detect radiation” after the disaster, said Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. “So I decided, ‘let’s do it.'”

The smartphone runs Android 4.0 operating system and has other standard functionalities for the Japanese market, like mobile TV, touch payments and infrared transmission.

It is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in July.

You can watch below a video presentation of the new phone.