Fish with transparent blood at Japan aquarium

8 years ago by in Entertainment

The only fish in the world with transparent blood, called Ocellated Ice Fish, was caught by fishermen in the Antarctic Ocean and was brought at Japan’s Tokyo Sea Life Park.

The reason for the fish’s clear-blood is that it has no hemoglobin, making it unique among vertebrates the world over, according to the experts at the aquarium.

Hemoglobin is the one that makes the blood red and is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body.

At the moment, the aquarium is the only place on Earth that has the curious specimen in captivity, according to the international press.

“Luckily, we have a male and a female, and they spawned in January,” Satoshi Tada, an education specialist at the centre, said. He does not know much about the fish, but he said that having more examples to study might help scientists unlock some of the fish’s secrets.

“Why is it the fish lost hemoglobin? More studies are needed on the question,” Tada said.

The fish is able to live without hemoglobin because it has a large heart and uses blood plasma to circulate oxygen throughout its body, researchers think.