WW2 Chinese workers ask Mitsubishi $60 mil. compensation

6 years ago by in Japan

An alliance of groups of laborers who were forced to work with no pay for Mitsubishi Materials in Japan during World War II asked the company for $60 million as compensation.

Mitsubishi Materials (Shanghai) Corp received on Tuesday a document requesting compensation of 370 million Yuan (about $60 million) for the forced workers that Japan used during World War II.

“The executive promised to keep and hand over the document to Mitsubishi’s headquarters in Japan after half an hour’s dispute, with the presence of some Chinese and Japanese media,” said Kang Jian, a lawyer for the alliance groups.

Each of the 3,765 Chinese laborers asked for 100,000 Yuan, according to the document received by Mitsubishi. The request included 711 people who died in Japan.

Laborers also asked the company for apologies, which Mitsubishi has not stated so far, according to the international press.

In 2009, Mitsubishi was sued by the Chinese forced laborers, but they lost in the lawsuit. However, the court stated that the Japanese government and companies were wrong to enslave Chinese workers.

This statement eased the procedure of initiating negotiations outside judicial action, Kang thinks.

“The court suggested the government and companies provide compensation to the laborers, and we will never give up,” she said.