Yahoo Messenger Japan to shutdown

7 years ago by in Business

Yahoo Messenger Japan, a service that is separated fromYahoo Inc, will be shut down starting with March 26, as it is not linked to the global version.

The decision came due to the dropping number of Messenger users in Japan, caused by the growing use of Line’s mobile messaging app, which has 50 million registered users in the country.

Users will be directed to Kakao Talk, a Korean messaging app that Yahoo Japan has an interest in. Users should also save any type of archive they want of their talks before the service is interrupted, according to the international press.

On the other hand, Line, a service providing free calls and messages, has conquered Japan.

Around 300 million people are using Line all over the world, according to a statement made by the company two months ago. The number has risen twice compared to April, when Line reported around 150 million users, and currently the company is only 50 million users behind WhatsApp.

Most users seem to be enchanted by the app’s stickers, often depicting baby animals and oversized emoticons, together with its games.

Line has extended in Southeast Asia, where it is already popular in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and India and went forward to Western Europe and Turkey, becoming popular in Hispanic countries such as Spain and Mexico.