Yoko Ono fights against childhood hunger, inspired by own experience

6 years ago by in Entertainment

Yoko Ono supports WhyHunger’s “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign to fight childhood hunger around the world and says that was inspired by her own experience in Japan during World War II.

The widow of John Lennon said that she thinks her former husband would be happy to know that his song “Imagine” is used to fight against child malnutrition and to support sustainable farming in 22 countries.

“My husband and I really wanted to do something for the world, especially for the children,” the 80-year-old Ono said. “Children have pride, too, so they do not beg you, but they are in pain and they are starving.”

Although Yoko Ono was born in a rich family, she experienced hunger in Japan during the World War II. Some she knew starved to death or died from eating poisonous mushrooms they collected in the hills, according to the international press.

“I remember being hungry and I know it is so difficult to just be hungry,” she said. “One day I did not bring a lunchbox. The other kids asked, do not you want to eat? I just said, no, I am not hungry.”